The COMLEARN Leadership Course is a skills set that is designed to equip young adults with Communication, Leadership and Entrepreneurship skills that can help them be effective and influential leaders in school and in their different areas of influence.

The curriculum is designed to help young adults in better understanding and developing skills in three core areas of leadership.

Personal/ Self Leadership

Encompasses a leader learning about him/herself and developing skills that strengthen self-image and personal identity.

Organisational/National Leadership

Engages individuals in appreciating national and organizational management systems and equips them with practical entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship skills.

Community Leadership

Focuses on exploring different communities and individuals making impact in their different communities by carrying out different community projects.

The curriculum structure

The COMLEARN Leadership Course is a 12 weeks, 30 lecture course with one face to face day per week during the weekends. It’s designed to produce leaders who are; Self-disciplined, Compassionate, Employable and Accountable.

The curriculum is arranged into 6 modules. 5 modules have 6 lectures each and 1 module for presentation and project reports. The six modules are;

  • Module 1: Personal Growth and the Leadership Impact
  • Module 2: Academic Success and Career Awareness
  • Module 3: Organisational and Transformational Leadership
  • Module 4: Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy
  • Module 5: Public Speaking and Community Involvement
  • Module 6: Projects and Business Plan Presentations


The One Day Training on Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Career Guidance seeks to transform the mindsets of the youth and guide them along different career paths.

The initiative seeks to fight against the high rates of youth unemployment amongst young adults and university graduates in Uganda.

It's a one day training program and Schools/ Universities have a chance to choose one day in a term to have one of these Trainings.

In 2020 we hope to train over 1000 Student Leaders from different Schools and Universities within and outside Kampala.


  • 1: Self Leadership and Leading Others
  • 2: Entrepreneurship Skills for the youth
  • 3: Educational Career Guidance


We carry out Educational Career Guidance for both Students and Corporate Individuals.

Educational Career Guidance

This program is designed to equip students in High school and the University with career knowledge that helps them makes thought out career choices, transition into the market place and flourish.

Occupational Career Guidance

The program is designed to enlighten, inspire and motivate individuals in the market place with career knowledge that opens them up to possibilities. Entrepreneurial ideas are discussed and individuals are guided on how to start up projects and businesses that can be platforms of transforming communities.


Through our various Inspirational speakers, individuals and groups are inspired and motivated through the different life, leadership and career motivational talks that are given by our speakers who come out as experts in the different areas of life.


Our Mentoring and Life coaching program is designed to help young adults realize their potential, increase their self-esteem and become better leaders. This is done on a one-on-one or group basis.