About Shine Leadership

About Us

Shine Leadership International (SLINT) is a non –profit organization that partners with Schools, Universities and Organisations to nurture, train and equip young adults with practical Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Life skills that help them thrive in society and become agents of positive transformation in their different spheres of influence. We provide them with educational and occupational career guidance knowledge and mentor them in choosing the right career path.


Turning Leaders into Agents of Positive Transformation.


Self-disciplined, Purpose-driven, Accountable and Compassionate leaders passionate about transforming their communities and nations.

1. Leadership and Entrepreneurship Skills Training

Our Leadership and Entrepreneurship Skills Training programmes are tailor made to suit both students and corporates. We conduct trainings and workshop... read more

2. Career Guidance and Career Mentorship

This is a comprehensive, developmental program designed to assist students in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices. I... read more

3. Parenting Skills Training and Support

This is a training program for parents based on biblical principles and aims to equip parents with the skills and confidence they need to be efficient... read more

4. Youth Mentorship and Counseling

The Youth Mentorship and counseling holiday program was founded in response to the urgent need for more youth resources as COVID 19 triggered at least... read more

5. Personal Growth and Self Improvement Training

Personal growth and self-improvement isn’t something that happens to you - it’s something that you must chose to do for yourself. But once you mak... read more